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on: Why Investigators Fear the Two Boeing 737s Crashed From pilot forums. He had this happen to him several years ago- also right after taking off. Of the Southwest Airlines does not expect its pilots to undergo simulator training as part of a process to return the Boeing 737 Max to service, as the carrier stresses its aviators are well-equipped to handle a problem that has emerged as a common link between two fatal crashes of the aircraft type. . airlines flying Boeing's 737 MAX weren't trained about a key change to an automatic system that's been linked to the fatal crash of a Lion Air jet last month, according to The Ethiopian crash is very similar to the other crash in that both occurred on takeoff climb only a couple of minutes after wheels up, both plowed hard directly into the ground with no or very little evidence of pilot control and both had smoke reported from the engine area and both occurred on new models of the 737 Max. The Boeing 737 Max has just killed 346 passengers and crew in two accidents over about five months. 737 Max 8 pilots transitioned with self-administered online course. If there is a stall warning, the flight controls will put forward pressure on the control column. On this note I wanted to get an idea of what was happening to the 737 so I reached out and got this response from a salty captain. U. Subject: 737 MAX… The rest of the story… For those interested in the recent spate of accidents involving Boeing's newest 737 variant, the real story of what is going on behind the scenes is largely not being 737-300 Econ, Max Angle, Max Rate & One Eng Inop Climb TheAirlinePilots. Same as a 737 pilot switching between a 737 CL and a 737 NG, but unlike a 737 NG pilot switching to a 737 MAX, which (so far?) only requires a familiarization training. Representatives from Thai Lion Air, Boeing, and the Thai CAA cutting the ribbon to welcome the 737 MAX 9 to Thai Lion Air and Thailand. well i guess u are talking about the NG series 600, 800,900s they are very good aircraft, and they are similar to the 737max but with more power full engines, which have created problems that are being addressed now, pilots were very upset with bo It's just been on the radio over here that " Boeing " are considering halting production of the 737 Max. : Put new text under old text. The 737 MAX Chief Technical Pilot who oversaw the development and certification of the MAX left Boeing to join up with SWA as a line pilot with special MAX oversight. It is not taught at his airline. SO they dropped a pair or pilots with very little training on a new system. Icelandair made the announcement that it would be terminating 45 of its 737 MAX pilots during a training session, according to Aviation24. Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers By Peter Robison June 28, 2019, 4:46 PM EDT The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U. Including 737-700 and -800. Just months before a second deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max airplane, American Airlines pilots angrily confronted a Boeing official about a computerized anti-stall system that preliminary reports have now implicated in both deadly wrecks, audio obtained by CBS News reveals. Boeing change a function of the Auto Pilot to improve safety, but the company only looked at it as yet another 737 (ignoring the key differences). FAA 8900. Southwest commented on the emergency landing as well. Given that American Airlines owns twentyfour 737 Max 8, that seems like a certain percentage. After takeoff, the Boeing 737 suddenly warns pilots that the plane is about to lose lift and stall, an erroneous signal from a bad sensor. See details Pilots of America permits anonymous posting in the Medical Topics forum, as well as in the Lessons Learned forum, but ONLY when disclosing your OWN potential or existing medical condition, potential violation of FAA regulations, incident or accident in which you may have been involved. Afaik, at least one . S. Pilot Unions Get Subpoenas for Documents on Boeing 737 Max Source: Bloomberg Pilots’ unions at Southwest Airlines Co. And industry sources say the company is considering a software revision to the airplane’s anti-stall autotrim system. Related: What is the Boeing 737 Max Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System? The non-responsive trim wheel and the crew’s initial by-the-book efforts to save aircraft are expected to be an increasing focus of the myriad of inquiries into the 737 Max and its automated flight control system, according to air safety experts. Most of the other countries that have grounded the 737 are the producers of or consumers of aircraft made by Boeing's largest competitor, Airbus Industries, a European Union consortium. That's the question everyone in the media is overlooking. A family member is a Captain of a 777 for DHL. One of those items suggests a problem that hasn’t previously been disclosed about the aircraft: the auto-pilot apparently isn’t properly disengaging in emergencies. You can search the table below by Airline, Registration, Airport (IATA) code, or Manufacturer’s serial number (MSN 737 Max Airliners Ordered Immediately Grounded in the US. How do I find the aircraft type I'm booked on? Thanks Since the Indonesia crash, Boeing has been working on a software update for the 737 Max jets, expected by April. *FLIGHT BRUSSELS (AFP) - European pilots said Thursday (May 23) they found it "deeply disturbing" that the Boeing 737 Max was already being considered for a return to service after being grounded Another way to spin this. The forum in which these safety concerns or the pilot was On 737NG and MAX, the AOA sensors input to the flight control system. I don't want to fly a 737 MAX. The FAA has said they see no need to ground the planes at this time. But in the case of the Max, many pilots with 737 experience learned about the plane on an His scenario is backed up by extracts from a 1982 Boeing 737-200 Pilot Training Manual posted to an online pilot forum a month ago by an Australian pilot. Total hours doesn't always reflect pilot skill. As of today, Lion Air Group is one of the world’s largest operators of the 737 aircraft family, consisting of 116 aircraft fleet, expecting to take delivery of further 200 Boeing 737 MAXs. Everything about Lion Air screams of lack of training in the new Max. Restricted is right seat only. The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX that crashed last month appear to have followed the emergency procedure laid out by both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Authority - cutting off the Pilot of Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max 8 called 'in a panicky voice' and requested to return to airport | Daily Mail Online Yared Getachew (pictured) was the main pilot on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Muslim pilots seem to have a problem keeping planes in the air ? Chinese media outlet Caijing was the first to report the decision, citing sources within China's domestic airline industry. Pilot/Controller Forum (Moderators: dave, Fryy, RonR) Pilot Transcripts. They stated that the Boeing 737 Max 8 will be moved to their Orlando maintenance facility for review. Obviously, people were astonished that all it took was 30 minutes on a iPad to certify a 737 pilot to be qualified to operate a Max 8. ? The forum members are leaning towards pilot inexperience/panic. Here's the terrifying reason Boeing's 737 MAX 8 is grounded across the globe Pilots are outraged that Boeing did not properly inform them of a program that can wrench control of an aircraft from This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Boeing 737 MAX groundings article. •The Boeing 737 is the best-selling airliner of all time. Pilots for two U. Boeing 737 Tips JF CLAES 2006 Take Off Speed Margin Eng Fail select LVL CHG and MAX CONT after flaps up Climb w/o FMC best angle Flaps up maneuvring speed best rate Flaps up maneuvring speed + 50 kts / . 1 describes what is required for differences training on a separate variant of an aircraft type based on what “level” of differences the FAA deems the new variant to have. A number of pilots have publicly voiced their concern over Boeing’s handling of issues related to the 737 MAX The Boeing 737 Max used for Lion Air Flight 610 had the same problem on four previous flights, but on the previous flights the pilots (in one case an off-duty pilot flying in the jumpseat) knew how to cut power to MCAS and trim the aircraft and fly on to their scheduled destination manually. Actually Boeing sent out a memo to the pilots of the MAX after Lion Air crash  Indonesian 737 Max 8 - Splashed Reports are that the pilot of this aircraft's previous flight issued a "Pan Pan" alert, requesting to return to the  Apr 4, 2019 the crash of Lion Air 610, every Boeing 737 Max-trained pilot on the . ’s grounded 737 Max to service and won’t act until they are sure it is safe, the nation’s top transportation official said Delta doesn’t fly 737 Max-8. He would still be inexperienced in the 737( and the airline environment as a whole) despite the total hours. I was surprised that none of the 787 Li-ion batteries ignited over water. The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX that crashed last month appear to have followed the emergency procedure laid out by both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Authority - cutting off the Mar 13, 2019 Define safe. Norwegian fired their 737 max pilots as well. Just saying. The 737 MAX has a cockpit warning light that informs the pilot that the two angle-of-attack indicators are in disagreement. The only airlines with problems with the 737 Max are third world airlines. Regarding these snippets from Ellie Kaufman’s post on CNN today (link at bottom): While the Lion Air crash in October and Sunday's Ethiopian crash are not linked beyond the fact that both planes were of the same model, CNN aviation safety analyst and former FAA safety inspector David Soucie said he would not get on a 737 MAX 8 plane today because travelers don't have enough information. be. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut Boeing is currently installing software updates in the hopes of returning the Boeing 737 MAX to service, but the manufacturer has a way to go to regain the trust of the public and pilots. The reason why we havent seen US crashes of this a/c, as stated by a current 737 MAX 8 pilot, is because, in his words, the US is more thorough in it's training than overseas carriers and thus knows that 1) the MCAS system exists and 2) how to deactivate it. Photo: Bernie Leighton. every 737 pilot, no matter Sullenberger's experience in a 737 MAX simulator made him see how pilots ran out of time Washington (CNN)The pilot who orchestrated the dramatic plane landing in the Hudson River 10 years ago told a congressional panel Wednesday that he can see how crews would have struggled during the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes after he spent time in a simulator running recreations of the doomed flights. Southwest expects to have 14 of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft in its fleet by the end of 2017. countless experts have speculated about the tragic 737 MAX 8 crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The pilot who shared the scenario said he learned the roller coaster procedure from excerpts of a 737-200 manual posted in an online pilot forum in the wake of the MAX accidents. Applause all around for that as American and United are charging passengers their punitive change fees for wanting to avoid scheduled flights on the 737 Max 8 according to news radio stations in NYC. The pilots said that soon after engaging the autopilot on Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, the nose tilted down sharply. for flight crews,” the Australian pilot wrote on pilot forum PPRUNE. The doomed flight repeatedly nosedived as Southwest says that they are committed to safety during this time. ———————-For many new airplane models, pilots train for hours on giant, multimillion-dollar machines, on-the-ground versions of cockpits that mimic the flying experience and teach them new features. At low altitude and low speed, a pilot doesn't have much time to evaluate the issue and react. to allow the 737 Max to satisfy FAA control loading “The Max was designed to provide the same aircraft feel as the 737. Follow the Boeing 737 Technical Site on social media using the links on the right to be notified of any updates. That was the latest news on German TV Feedback Forum; Southwest removes 737 MAX until November, freezes pilot hiring (BA-0. Mar 13, 2019 With the European Union grounding the 737 MAX, North America is one of the last places on Earth you can get a ride on Boeing's deathliner. The thing is, airlines want the MAX to be as much like a current 737 NG as possible, to keep the common type rating, and keep the difference course for pilots transitioning from the NG to the MAX (or flying them mixer fleet) to a minimum. The FO could have had 2000 hours in a Skyhawk, but only 200 hours in the 737. Does Boeing have a 737-8 MAX problem? Over $68,000 in The Dallas Morning News found reports from pilots of unexpected pitch movements on the Boeing 737 Max 8 in a federal database. 737 Max 8 pilots transitioned with self-administered online course U. That was the latest news on German TV But here in this forum, we are able to learn more. Boeing (1) didn't notify the FAA, (2) didn't issue a bulletin to notify the airlines flying the plane and their pilots about the problem. "especially if things go wrong and they attempt to fly manually. the difference in thrust height between the Max8 and the 800, doesn't look drastically different than between the earliest -200 and the latest 800. Threads in Forum : Aviation Does Boeing have a 737-8 MAX problem? ( Multi-page thread   TravelBuzz - 737-Max 8 safety concerns - I think I'd be nervous this morning if I I do think the MAX is safe, and as a pilot on Boeing equipment  Mar 12, 2019 Based on professional pilot flight forums I've read, the general consensus of 737 MAX captains is the first crash (Lion Air) was avoidable. Send Message. Pilots’ physical strength reportedly cited as concern in Boeing 737 MAX probe "Efforts to unground Boeing’s 737 MAX jets have been delayed in part amid concerns about whether the average pilot possesses enough strength to turn a manual trim crank during emergencies, according to a new report. look at those dinky jets on a 737-200 off of wiki, right up next to the wing. The pilots'  Mar 10, 2019 Haven't there been a lot of these 737 Max Boeing crashes recently. SWA was the driving customer force behind the minimalistic approach to differences training and Boeing complied. It seems that the 737 MAX is even more dangerous due to its 737 NG legacy. and American Airlines Group Inc. Feedback Forum; Don McGregor's Blog. a pilot asked on one aviation forum. An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 heading to the Kenyan capital Nairobi has crashed near Addis Ababa, the airline said on Sunday morning. "MCAS system is at the moment, unique to the 737 Max" Every aircraft has a unique flight control system that compensates for unique aspects of the plane. of the software that Even though Boeing claims a fix is prepared for the Boeing 737 MAX, American Airlines’ pilot’s union say they can’t touch the aircraft simulator yet. “Boeing failed to disclose the existence of the MCAS system to the pilot community around the Just wondering Is there any chance that PMDG would give to the simmers this? Look up the Paris air show, compare Airbus to Boeing orders. Mar 11, 2019 The 737 MAX is based on a design from the 1960s, but the technology . That old 737 pilot manual lays out a That's the job of any pilot in command from the day they solo, regardless of the aircraft in question. The plane, a Boeing 737-800MAX with flight number ET 302, lost contact soon after taking off at 08:38 am local time from Bole International Airport in the Ethiopian capital, the airline said in a statement. And at least that's what I've heard, more than only 3 or 5 jet pilots in America wonder if they again can trust a 737 Max. I suggest you tell Tom and the forum who you fly for or promise to resign as a pilot. This site uses cookies to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic. It therefore also shares information about your use of the site with social media, advertising and analytics partners. The plane in question was a 737-800 MAX, the latest generation of the narrow body 737, a workhorse for many airlines around the world. Pilots flying this aircraft surely know how to recognize and recover from an impending stall. Feb 3, 2019 On 29th October, 2018, a Lion Air 737 MAX 8 crashed and an Boeing has taken the position that the pilots of the Lion Air flight should have  Is the Boeing 737max 8/9 aircraft design inherently unstable ? Before the advent of computer systems, the pilot had to align the aircraft  May 19, 2019 Aerospace company says it has made corrections to simulator software used to train pilots flying its 737 MAX jets. 23% 737 MAX jetliners back in the air have been delayed in part by concerns about whether the average pilot has enough physical strength to turn a manual crank in extreme emergencies. , United Continental Holdings Inc. In both cases, they recovered quickly after disconnecting the autopilot. Why? Pilot/Controller Forum. In addition to all the other necessary changes, the manual trim wheel should be redesigned for the 737 MAX, the input from the pilot's yoke should be increased, and a special pilot training category should be established. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has a list of five items that need to be addressed before they’ll recertify the Boeing 737 MAX>. So, imho, you n me do not ask questions at the totally wrong place. aviation regulators have no timeline for returning Boeing Co. An ATP without restriction is good for either seat) That part probably has at least as much to do with the airlines, as it does with Boeing. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. Newsy reports safety experts for the Allied Pilots Association allege the airline has not given them access to simulators since the grounding. A friend flies 737NG for Delta. But here in this forum, we are able to learn more. After demonstrations, pilots believe the potential for further flight-control problems from the system are a “nonissue,” the airframer says. Mar 14, 2019 In the case of Lion Air Flight 610, the 737 MAX 8 had a faulty “angle of one anonymous American Airlines pilot posted to an online forum. will not ground Boeing 737 MAX planes after Ethiopia crash . 74 Boeing Meets With Pilot Unions On MAX Questions PAUL BERTORELLI Attempting to tamp down pilot concerns about its 737 MAX following the Lion Air crash, Boeing technical representatives met with at least two pilot unions this week. Third world pilots produce third world results. LE BOURGET, France—Efforts to get Boeing Co. SWAPA has withdrawn its membership from the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA); Southwest's Final flight of 737-300 was 29 Sept 2017; First Flight of 737-800 Max 1 Oct 2017; Southwest routemap Trending from the Forum. According to the deceased's colleague, 29-year-old Yared Getachew, who was the pilot of the Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 MAX which crashed was untrained The airline CEO reported that there are no survivors. Emergency No. I am a private pilot and Aircraft Mechanic. No sim training for the Max when introduced. This raises a question of the MAX's safety. Pilot Roddy Guthrie diagnoses the problem—and then the plane’s nose suddenly pitches down, on its own. What does a 737 Max pilot think. Drive to the airport-level safe? Fast food-level safe? Riding a bike-level  Mar 14, 2019 The FAA issued an emergency grounding of all U. The Max 8 is at the center of a growing global ban by more than 40 countries following a second fatal crash, this time in Ethiopia, in less than five months. Wait for December 2019 to see many 737 operators (TOT as on date, but can well go into 2020 with one more new problem discovered yesterday) cancelling their orders mostly in favour of Airbus Neos. airlines. ’s BA -0. Clearly he didn't know that hitting those two switches was the action to be performed. My impression is that their skill and His scenario is backed up by extracts from a 1982 Boeing 737-200 Pilot Training Manual posted to an online pilot forum a month ago by an Australian pilot. I don't understand why Boeing thought the 737 Max needed an automatic stall prevention system. So, it’s time for an update, in the form of the Boeing 737 MAX, which made its air show debut here at Farnborough. He said pilots quickly noticed the engine placement difference when they saw a 737 Max and it was the feature that made it stand out and recognizable. But the Boeing Co. The pilot didn’t get the response she wanted when she gave her unsolicited presentation to flight ops Pilot feedback to the proposed software changes to the Boeing 737 MAX Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) flight-control law is positive, says Boeing. On many pilot and aviation forums there has been a consensus that Boeing  Mar 10, 2019 I'd appreciate a confirmation that Southwest pilots have all been The Striking Similarities Between Lion Air and Ethiopian 737 MAX Crashes. received federal grand jury subpoenas for documents relating to Boeing Co. Lion Air Flight 610 that crashed in October 2018, again with no survivors, was also a 737-800 MAX. One pilot on a US carrier reported an incident in November 2018, just weeks after the Lion Air crash, saying the plane “pitched nose down” two to three seconds after engaging the autopilot following takeoff, according to the report on the Aviation Safety Reporting System, maintained by NASA. -operated Boeing 737 MAX-8 and -9 aircraft after collecting “new evidence” from the site of  Rumours & News - U. Search Forums Recent tail is designed based on FAA regulations regarding min and max pilot effort. •Through October, Boeing has taken 14,985 orders for the plane. Nov 13, 2018 Boeing kept airlines and pilots in the dark about an automated background trim system on the 737 MAX that may be implicated in the first crash of the On the Pilots of America online forum, an American Airlines pilot posted  Mar 14, 2019 A worker stands on a platform near a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane being built for TUI Group at Boeing Co. " Not only will people be spooked by MCAS, now they won't trust the 737-specific LEAP engine. 8%) 737 MAX, which has also prompted the low-cost carrier to freeze new pilot hiring. commeical airline pilot addresses Boeing 737 MAX safety I asked him to address the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX and he . S grounds ALL 737 Max - per announcement from Why would FAA (which btw is led by a former military pilot, is it not?) ON MARCH 10th, Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, a Boeing 737 MAX bound for With the Lion Air crash fresh on any MAX pilot's mind, why did the Ethiopian pilots and the comments I've read in aviation community forums and subreddits. Step out of the America-centric view. " Solved: I'm scheduled to fly to SFO on March 30, 2019. After coming to the conclusion that the 737 MAX will be grounded longer than was first anticipated, Icelandair has fired its Boeing 737 MAX pilots. 737 Max  Mar 14, 2019 When the 737 MAX operating Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed on . ’s 737 MAX jetliners back in the air have been delayed in part by concerns about whether the average pilot has enough physical strength to turn a manual crank in extreme emergencies Southwest is the first North American carrier to fly the MAX, but a couple of airlines have been flying it for some time now. We’ve compiled a table of 737 MAX aircraft and where airlines have stored them. If other countries' 737 max pilots don't feel comfortable flying it, then  Mar 12, 2019 A U. A co-worker was talking to me about her father, a B-52 pilot in Viet Nam and later a pilot of a commercial 747 (not 737). The preliminary report on the March 10 Ethiopian Airline crash shows that the advice given by the FAA and Boeing to 737 MAX pilots was incomplete. The pilots followed the advice but it was phyisically impossile for them to bring the plane back into a stable flight. " If the pilot is flying manually, then no MCAS system is on "Without it the plane would not have been certified as a 737 Aeromexico still flying 737 max? I belong to a flying club with a couple of Max 8 captains and an FAA Max 8 test pilot. Thee 737 MAX, the fourth generation of Boeing's narrow-body 737 line, was first flown in 2016, making the string of crashes - two in five months - unprecedented and, according to some analysts, extremely suspect. now compare the last gen of 737 non-MAX to the very first 737. In October 2018 a brand new Boeing Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers By Peter Robison June 28, 2019, 4:46 PM EDT The Max software -- plagued by issues that could keep the planes grounded months longer after U. This led Boeing engineers to add the MCAS system,” he said. com is a resource of information to the airline pilots and provides a forum to share To address the whole FO only had 200 hour thing. 2. Like I said; more of the same. All I heard was the Max's were marketed at being similar enough to the 737-900 that no new training was needed. Apr 3, 2019 SEATTLE — The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX that a 1982 Boeing 737-200 Pilot Training Manual posted to an online pilot forum a  Mar 21, 2019 FBI joins Boeing 737 MAX 8 criminal investigation as plane remains (MORE: Report: Pilot who hitched a ride saved doomed 737 on  Mar 20, 2019 In online pilot discussion forums, a third idea has been gaining The crash of two 737 Max airplanes — Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Lion  May 11, 2019 The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX that crashed last month appear 737-200 Pilot Training Manual posted to an online pilot forum a  Apr 15, 2019 If you asked me, I'd always like to ask a 737 Max pilot. Posts made anonymously in response to such posts will be Trump, following the lead of the rest of the world has grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 models due to safety concerns. Mar 13, 2019 fresh_42, re post #22, these look like the same group of incidents that were being discussed in the Hacker News thread I linked to. The control column shakes, loudly. regulators this week revealed a new flaw -- was developed at a time Boeing was laying off experienced engineers and pressing suppliers to cut With the global grounding of the 737 MAX fleet, airlines have been moving aircraft into storage. ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia urged Boeing to review its flight control technology and said pilots of state carrier Ethiopian Airlines had carried out proper procedures in the first public findings on the crash of a 737 MAX jet that killed 157 people. ’s grounded 737 Max. Pingback: Boeing 737 Max MCAS System | Page 3 | Physics Forums. The nature of how pilots are trained has received scrutiny following two crashes of the Boeing 737 Max in a five month period, with a report  Nov 16, 2018 But the United Airlines pilot leadership, in a sharp break with peers at the two other U. I have worked on several different commercial airline aircraft. But the company and the Federal Aviation Administration face new questions over whether there should have been more pilot training as airlines added the new models to their fleets. Efforts to get Boeing Co. Re: Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX crashes in Jakarta If the pilot had to refer the manual, it's a clear indication that he did not know what to do - which probably points to a lack of sufficient training. What seems to perplex most, though, is why the system "sensed" a stall in the first. The legal action was started by a pilot, identified only as ‘Pilot X’ in court documents, which were seen by the Australian Broadcasting Company. •Since 2011, the new 737 MAX has won more than 4,700 orders, making it the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing history. One of the best articles on B737 Max, written by a pilot and a software developer. RollCall - Trump grounds all 737 Max 8 and Max 9 airliners This is the right thing to do in my opinion due to some comments in this article I read: The 737 is hardly the most exciting plane out there, but with thousands flying every single day, it’s the world’s most popular passenger jet. airlines flying the 737 MAX, pushed back against the  Mar 13, 2019 Pilots in the United States complained at least five times in recent months about problems controlling their Boeing 737 Max 8 jets during critical  Aviation - Airplanes, aircrafts, pilots, airports, airlines, helicopters. ADDIS ABABA/WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - An Ethiopian Airlines pilot told senior managers at the carrier months before one of its Boeing 737 Max jets crashed that more training and better FAA will order Boeing to upgrade safety software on its 737 Max 8s, Boeing says Updated on: March 12, 2019 / 5:09 AM / CBS/AP The Federal Aviation Administration has told Boeing it will order the company by next month to institute safety-related software enhancements to its 737 Max 8 planes, Boeing said late Monday. The US-based plane maker Boeing was hit with a class-action lawsuit filed Friday, seeking millions of dollars in damages in favor of over 400 pilots trained to fly the 737 MAX, ABC News report says. Mar 10, 2019 Have pilots not properly been trained on the 737 MAX, given the . It might have been another Boeing bad business decision overriding normal standards, but this time people died from it. That old 737 pilot manual lays out a scenario where a much more elaborate pilot response is required than the one that Boeing outlined in November and has reiterated ever since. This was intended to minimize costs to Boeing's customers by allowing the Max to be certified as a 737-type aircraft. American Airlines pilots reportedly confronted Boeing about the new features it had added to the 737 Max 8 — after the first deadly crash but before the second in Ethiopia that occurred in March, according to an audio recording obtained by CBS News. He was joined by over 400 fellow pilots, trained to fly the fourth-generation narrow-body 737 MAX aircraft. In 2017, it was discovered that this warning system was inoperative. I was talking about the foam glider I had got my son at WalMart and the discussion lead to the statement that the glide ratio, ie forward to drop for these aircraft was over 15:1. Boeing 737 Max - what happened - Air Travel Forum. Forum. Welcome to Crain's Forum The 737 pilot who came to rescue Boeing with Boeing in crisis after its all-important 737 Max model was grounded in the wake of two deadly crashes, the company was The behaviour without MCAS on 737 MAX is that minimal movements of pilot’s controls effectively activate what would be considered “amplification” of nose up movement, resulting in an uncontrollable plane and sure crash. To get that right hand seat in the 737 max 8 in the USA Today you are usually talking about 1500 hours total time and holding a Restricted ATP. Mar 27, 2019 The ongoing crisis for Boeing over their 737 MAX 8 aircraft continues as a new report by the New York Times shows that pilots had less than 40  Apr 5, 2019 The mechanism makes a loud noise and rattles a pilot's control column to warn of an impending aerodynamic stall. Update 3: The flight attendants union has asked the FAA to investigate the Boeing 737 MAX 8, saying it's important to address these safety concerns after the second crash in 5 months. The pilot can overpower it, but it takes a lot of effort. As of July 25, 2017, the airline has 200 firm orders for a combination of the smaller MAX 7 and MAX 8 aircraft. I suppose they must be running out of space to store completed aircraft and running out of money to keep building them without being able to sell them. The aircraft has a thrust rating and centre of gravity well outside the envelope that the airframe was designed for and the 'fix' is an automatic computerised pitch control which the pilots cannot affect or override regardless of the manual or The pilot who flew the Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737 MAX which crashed was reportedly untrained with the simulator, as claimed by his colleague. (Airline Transport Pilot. 737 max pilot forum

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