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Mindlessly you nod at his question, grinding into his lap with the hope that he would understand but instead Yoongi placed his hands on your shoulders and forced you to stand up, “use your words, princess. My best friend was sobbing into my lap because of that idiot. being best friends with shinee. For the past two months I have been working hard on schoolwork and being busy with friends and going to the movies with my family that I haven’t had time to post anything on here. 'cuz I know y'all are hyped f Crush Imagines Short Story. Reader x Levi only, as I know that I would not do any ships justice. I also just got a new lap top for Christmas, so I used imovie for this. "Do you have a crush on some in Dracula Very protective of his crush and he glares at a lot of people that try to flirt with them; Murasakibara Atsushi. first kisses with twice. I hope its not terrible lol. Requested: anon said: Hello! May I please request something? So I’ve always read stories of where the reader is an amazing artist or a great writer but I’d like to read one where the reader is a dancer or something like that. I love your imagines! Could you maybe do one where y/n is working in a different state/country and when she’s drunk accidentally tells her crush she likes him? Love you!-Summary: your company transferred you from new york to london to help with a failing branch. ” “Not always, babe. Hope you enjoy! Hyebin: Crush. You dear, are my secret. My New Dance Partner-Anon Request. You giggled in delight once you found his head falling into your lap, and at the soft yawn that he let out afterwards. As you walk into the building you drop your book by accident. But you knew that you were lying, you had a crush on him since second year and you hoped to have the courage to profess your feelings to him one day, but were afraid to do so for the sake of your friendship. He doesn’t say anything else for the rest of the night, but he doesn’t have to. I write and take requests for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin character Levi Ackerman imagines. you had always had a crush on him; but in high school 2 years seemed like a decade apart. If we can't have boys in real life, imagines are the next best thing. -Sodapop watched helplessly as Darry pulled a struggling, writhing Ponyboy across his lap… He winced as Darry’s belt wailed down on his bare bottom. Can I request a scenario of tamaki's crush having trigeminal neuralgia but no one knew since she's always so happy and smiling but one time when she was talking to tamaki she fell down to her knees crying and whimpering since she was having a attack ahh “Here comes your boyfriend,” Minho says low enough for only you to hear, earning him a slap on the arm. He’s as smooth and butter and cool as a cucumber; He knows it’s just a crush and thinks it would eventually just fade; He’s flirty af and sorta just very touchy; He’ll greet you with a toothy little smooch on the back of your hand every time he sees you. - I can also see that his s/o is so nervous that they force him to order for them at restaurants or to come in with them to events nosebleedingfangirl said: Norway nsfw headcannons with a submissive s/o please~thank you Answer: NSFW HeadcanonsNorway • He loves to play the dominant role, though sometimes on special occasions he How the Vikings Revealed Their Crush On You . Will take NSFW Requests as well. He shifted just slightly on the bed, pulling away so that he could lean his head forward. He walks past me saying nothing and I stand embarrassed in my swimsuit waiting for y/f/n. Katsuki lay beside you, his head on your lap in a light sleep, while you played on your phone and listened to music. ” i wink with a smile. You walk across the field, with a few friends. Kiss. Read She's mine from the story Crush imagines by Little_Incognito_Hat ( Brokensmile) with He quickly bit his pink lips, winking at you, as he finished his lap. ” -Nicholas Sparks Levi Ackerman is a criminal from the Underground, and he is determined to make a life for him and his friends above gro “i suppose everyone’s eager. As we finish I se y/c walking out of the locker room with all of his friends. “Talk to her Todoroki-Kun!” she urged on, playfully patting at his shoulder. stuck in traffic with twice +girls generation [snsd After saying that you watched him flop headfirst onto the bed, his ears bright red and you felt a similar feeling of embarrassment, Jimin had been your crush for as long as you could remember and if you were in the same bed as him, you doubted you would be sleeping. You had one earbud out so you could still hear the world around you as you zoned out into beating Candy Crush. He leans down behind you, and places your hands in the proper spots. “Hey can you do one where he’s like a singer or something and you’re spying on him and he catches you spying and like serenades you or something omg please” - Anonymous Stay and Lay Me Down Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine where a girl and a guy are in chorus together and they have to sing a romantic duet together and then get together after :). Read She's mine from the story Crush imagines by Little_Incognito_Hat (Brokensmile) with 7,364 reads. Opening the door, you both grab your backpacks. (a/n): So, their crush will be a soloist or in a girl group, that’s up to you and I will also post what kind of comeback because why not lmao. He counted 12. ” He was my first crush & despite all the torment I went through he taught me that people can change. Minho, along with all the members of Winner and iKon excluding Chanwoo of course, know about your long-standing crush on Chanwoo. Coughing, you rolled over to rest your head on his thighs and almost instinctively he ran his other hand through your hair softly, not quite registering that his crush was curled up on his lap for the first time in forever. How to Kiss Your Crush Without Fainting. i’m not sure if he ever did have a crush on me and i don’t know “In the blink of an eye, something happens by chance, when you least expect it, sets you on a course that you never planned, into a future you never imagined. I do write NSFW. their reaction to you crying. ASK BOX: OPEN | Hetalia Imagines/Headcanons blog, for any Non-G8 (+China) Character (Ame, Can, Eng, Rus, Chi, Fra, Ger, Ita, Jpn). positioning yourself on his lap Jughead x Reader. midnight-moonstars said: How would Tokiya, Syo, Ren and Reiji react if their s/o fell asleep on them~? Answer: S/o Fallen AsleepTokiya Ichinose At first, Tokiya would become a tad bit irritated, or MYSTIK IMAGINES Bae's for life . Murasakibara is the both the hardest and easiest person to know when he has a crush; He’d be nicer to his crush (aka, wouldn’t threaten to crush them) Whether his crush says yes or no, he’s using their lap as a pillow But really cute!” Uraraka suddenly chimed in, placing her elbows on Todoroki‘s desk, her eyes also on the lone girl. he Castlevania Afterdark Imagines setting the puppy into his lap to he can lift the nippy beagle with both hands. Oh well, he thought as Hedwig, in all her glory, swooped in and dropped the note on her lap MASTERLIST IMAGINES Don’t Look! My Milkshake One of Those Days Sunday Drives Jellybean’s Misfortune Library Crush I Can’t Lose You Too Panicking And Flirting Stay Shirt snatching Bitter Sweet The New Because Minor Characters Matter Too. The whole class will know how bad I’ve done, I should’ve practiced more… ugh. “Best. Jimin: Usually when you sat on his lap you wanted something. He slowly pulled his chair from the desk so that you could sit on his lap and so you did. Todoroki’s brows furrowed harder this time around, looking more troubled than before, he dropped his eyes to his lap and bit at his lip some. My phone dings on the counter next to me, pulling my attention away from the woman doing my hair. Feel free to submit your own imagines. he might take his s/o and go to the park with them and act like children, forgetting all about whatever happened at school by having I was beyond pissed. At the moment, though, no dancing was happening and the aura of the room made you feel at ease. The Signs (He has a crush on you) || BTS text imagine || You x Taehyung. All credit is hyperlinked to the blog where the gif is originally from. I’m content where I am, with my Grammy-award-winning best friend fast asleep on my lap. He tries to take it back, gripping the edges of the bag and brushing the front of your shirt in the process. “I have finally got to grading the first and second violin chairs,” he began, and my anxiety started seeping in. for Brianna, written by writer #1, Marina WARNING: contains mature content. he looked at you with a tired smile as he pulled you down on his lap. better look at the work that rested on your lap i couldn’t hold back from the nsfw for kuroo and tsukki im (not) sorry. “c’mere, you can sit in my lap until i’m done working” You smiled as you walked back to him. “i suppose you’re right. MASTERLIST. Originally posted by thenwedied (Y/Sn) = Your ship name. It was swimming practice and the girls team was just before the guys. C/n had told me how hard he and his bandmates had to push for their spot on the list of people playing there that night, since the manager was convinced they wouldn’t be good enough, based on the fact they were still in high school. I mean, I had a good reason not to be there. teenager, angst, relatable. “Shut up,” you whisper back, before directing your attention back to your crush. Hetalia Imagines Hetalia-Imagines-Scenarios or spent an evening together over dinner does he realize his massive crush on you. The plot is that Harry and Draco both have a crush on AR. Scenarios and Headcanons for Boku No Hero Academia headcanons and Scenarios are open! bnha-scenerios-imagines. The ask: HI! Can you write about y/n is working at home and so into her laptop while their daughter keeps on bugging her (going on her lap, poking her and hiding behind her chair, etc. “Hurry up I’m cold y/f/n!” I say shivering. Love, Areej #boyscanreadthis #crushes #forgirlsmostly #imagines #shortstory #wattys2017 hi i’m so conflicted!! i have a crush on this guy i had in one of my classes. Imagines. Oct 31, 2015 And you were laying with your head in his lap, scrolling on your phone, yawning as he played with your hair. you threw your phone down and walked over to him and sat him on the bed. You sat up with a huff opening your laptop you decided to scroll through Tumblr. Today, the secondhand embarrassment was strong as he twirled around Nami, Robin, and at you. you glanced at him from your phone and frowned. after their playtime, they both checked their insta and they found Valentine’s Day “can you do an imagine of your bestfriend and your crushs friend are going out so one day your crush and friends boyfriend go pick you guys up from the movies and then you guys go to The lighting was dim in the bar that c/n’s gig was at. He then reached over towards you and pulled you into his lap. Nov 8, 2016 I like writing imagines and answering questions - especially for all i smile, and he lifts his head up. [I’ve been loving reading imagines where your crush is jealous when you hang out with other guys and stuff, so heres one for you guys, it’s probably gonna be kinda long 🌟] Your camping out Y/c: your crush Y/c/n: your crushes name Y/sm: your stepmom. Stray kids reaction to their crush straddling their lap Request: Stray kids reaction to their crush straddling their lap~💖 Requested by: Anon Author’s Notes: This is a post dedicated to our leadernim, Stepped “ Can you do an imagine where; I stay over my Bestfriends place, but she has a step-brother who is only half a year older than me (let’s say I’m 15-16), and he only comes down every holidays, Crush x Reader ~ Chapter 1Crush x Reader ~ Chapter 1 You were taking notes in class,just an ordinary school day. “Hey, you did a really Hospitals (Reader x Crush) hands clutched on my lap. You are scared but excited at the same time. It was Valentine’s Day and it was obvious that Sanji was going all out. Nothing happened between us, but he taught me a good lesson about how to treat others. Text Imagines Cute Imagines Magcon Imagines Hayes Grier Imagines Magcon Quotes Bars And Melody Macon MASTERLIST jinhwankenobi’s masterlist *requests open*- it’s a long ass list Bts:Imagines Reactions Scenarios/Drabbles Fake Texts MTL • MTL to date a Tomboy • Mtl To Date A ‘01 liner • Mtl To Date A Stranger Things Masterlist (imagines, one-shots, series) DISCLAIMER: a few of them would not link but should be easily reached by searching on my blog or the title into Tumblr. word count: 1060. She held your thighs to her face, swirling her tongue back and forth, pressing your clit and hitting every nerve in your body. hinata would probably want to do something fun and exciting, just to get him more upbeat than he was at school (honestly hinata’s definition of a bad day would probably be a bad grade). ” Joe’s smile grew into a grin, and he let out a laugh as Jack tugged him over and onto his lap. y/c takes a pic of them, uploads on instagram and joins the tickle fest. Justin grins, burying his head into my lap. ” “Can you eat me out?” The word left your mouth without thinking but the way you saw his eyes darken, you knew it was the right choice. Ragnar. (I do not own any gifs used in any imagines. EXO Reaction to You (Crush) End Up Sitting on Their Lap During Roadtrip Ahh, I’d be so embarrassed if this were me (both ways - if I sat on them or if they sat oN ME) - Admin Au ( o v o ) Xiumin: Cuddles and Kisses-Anon Request Hello guys! I hope you guys enjoy this one, especially you Anon, sorry for the huggeeeee delay ^_^ Love, Sarah (C/n)=Crush’s name ‘Can you do a fluffy cuddling one? You look down at your hands which are fiddling with your pencil in your lap. Sweet dreams. you were hit with the smell of sweat and hard work. - I can see Larry being shy around his crush, and really shy when asking out his crush - what if his crush just kinda died when he asked if they would go out with him? - just imagine that adorableness…. problem is, you’re moving away from your crush. ” “What can I say? I’m irresistible. Main Blog: Prince-Plisetsky. Ever,” he breathes out. [172] - dirty truth or dare with the guys. Read Imagine #5 from the story Crush Imagines by _DarkQueen (Kiara) with 18151 reads. I happened to have a bad case of the flu, by bad I mean I've already visited the ER once in the past three days. It was a larger bar than his band was normally able to play at. So, you want to get a kiss from the special someone who's been making your heart flutter? Worried you might just pass out from excitement? If anyone asked you if you had feelings for the tall marauder you would blush furiously and timidly say no. After going insane for awhile he pulls you to his lap and kisses you once more. growing up with taemin. Will take Nyo! Requests; preferably no 2Ps at the moment. BTS Reaction Master List Reactions BTS • BTS Reaction to Being Told What to Do • BTS Reaction to You Being Afraid of the Dark • BTS Reaction to Younger Sibling Dating • BTS Reaction to Younger Fan Taylor invited me to magcon because he had a crush on me. You loved food, especially when you shared it with your crush. they have a crush on the same idol. his tongue lap over your slit Gintama Imagines "If you have time to fanatasize about a beautiful end, then why not live beautifully until the end?" -Sakata Gintoki (Ask Box is Closed!) Ask box is CLOSEDInbox Status: 24Another Imagines blog for your viewing pleasure, this time Kuroko no Basuke themed! Admins Kuroko & Murasakibara On indefinite hiatus from this imagines blog! Shunsui x female reader where he’s getting spanked over his s/o’s lap for being naughty; Jushiro x reader nsfw scenario where they haven’t been intimate for a while because he’s been bedridden, but once he’s got his strength back, she visits him while wearing a short, tight, light pink sexy nurse’s outfit and he creams himself. This request was very foreign to me, because I don’t know anything about dance, and I didn’t know how to start it and bla bla blaaaa. . HOW MUCH PERCENT DOES YOUR CRUSH LIKE YOU? Crush = Y/C/N You = Y/N *Gender neutral pronouns for you & crush. You changed the channel and found a  Apr 2, 2016 Your mine “Can you do an imagine where you and your crush and some other friends are at the movie and this guy keeps flirting with you so  Aug 7, 2015 Tell me about your crush & I will be honest with you 100%. -Darry pulled his blubbering, shaking mess of a brother into his arms and rubbed his back One Piece World Crush on Sanji requested by Anon. But you won’t submit. You sighed of boredom and set you pencil down leaning back in your chair and massaging your delicate hands, pained from writing so much. Originally posted by vikingsinuppsala. “Come on. This popcorn is yours now. As the orchestra teacher stood on the podium, the class silenced. I hadn't been to school for a couple days. The shop is cosy and warm, smelling of freshly made pastries and different coffees which creates a comfortable aura X-men Fandom Imagines He pulled the A4 file from his lap and opened it and looked at its contents. ) Imagine? your dating aj rebello and u walk to the shop but u walk into a group of guys they start pushing u around making fun of u then u run back to the bus and cry into aj and sit in his lap he’s asking what happened and then he gets really pissed off and then u cuddle into tyler and fall asleep while aj ,ty & sky go and beat them up then when aj comes back puts ur head in his lap and u Of course, Alexander had noticed your petty crush and, after the initial disgust, had taken to teasing you relentlessly. Sep 24, 2017 Crush Imagine #42 (ps this one is obvi not something realistic for teens, up and moved us so I was sitting in his lap, my arms around his neck. In Love. ). Anonymous said: Can I have a momoland reaction to their foreign female Idol crush having a really sexy comeback. being schoolmates with taemin. You came over her lips and in her mouth, her tongue attempting to lap up everything to clean you. Situating your outfit, fixing your hair, and putting on your backpack, you look back up at him. ‘Had that feelings talk with Jefferson yet?’ he’d say. Twitter Facebook Google+ crush reader x crush crush x reader crushes reader reader insert crush imagine crush imagines crush imagines blog crush imagine blog imagine imagine your crush imagine your otp crush post crush x reader fluff fluff fluffy cute short sweet romantic french Currently you were curled up on his bed as he scrolled through twitter on his phone. “Okay, give me that,” you say, grabbing the bag from his lap and putting it on yours. i sit down and he rests his head in my lap. Imagine Billy Having A Crush On You. Okay guys quick update. “The reactions of the Karakura gang when their crush or their s/o (in the near beginnings of a relationship) starts laughing and tries to quiet down, only to have their crush,s/o tell them "I can’t stop laughing at the idea of a significant other looking you dead in the eyes before any kind of kissing or romantic contact and saying "Lemme Celebrity Crush - David Dobrik. Jun 15, 2019- Explore Roxy_the _kawaii_potato's board "Text Imagines" on Pinterest. Helloooo, people of Tumblr! Its 1:51AM here, updating quite late/early . It took a while to find but I found a crush x reader fiction go in the comments and tell me who you want to see being reader next Custom Crush Imagines “Yeah,” you say quietly, looking at your lap. Custom Crush Imagines “S-sure!” You stutter when the guitar hits your lap. 15:33. A blog for all your Martin Freeman fantasies, whether they be fluffy or sexual. I was currently in front of y/c’s house - he was sick and I felt bad so I wanted to see if I could do anything. Levi Ackerman Imagines. That’s why I write about you. “Just a bit longer…” Chisaki murmured, eyelids draping to a close. All you can do is smile in return. Requests - OPEN-A multi-fandom anime imagines blog! I'll be writing headcanons, scenarios and imagines for various different animes! If you have a request please send it in if the ask is open but please be sure to read the about page so you know what series I am able to write for x [your celebrity crush] takes your hand and kisses the palm. Jul 23, 2018 You are joining a new school. Imagine Ian Trying to Talk You Out of Your Crush on Lip. You hid your face on the crook of his neck, one of your hands playing with his hair on top of his neck. singing a romantic ballad with their crush. FUNNIEST LAP PILLOW MOMENTS imagine your crush while watching this—the boy behind you - Duration: precious imagines Recommended for you. He looks scornfully at you and makes a show of dropping two small pieces into your hand. Today was a 4th of July party; the whole office had been invited, and there you were, sitting in the corner alone. Being best friends with Louis Tomlinson tended to have its perks, one of which was the perk where you got to hang out at his and Harry’s flat and drink with them and the rest of One Direction, and some members of Little Mix as well (at Zayn’s insistence). Recently you’d let your sleep pattern get out of control- You were doing all nighters, then going and doing intense training for 6+ hours a day and then subsequently crashing out when you got back to the dorms. Death Note Imagines (sfw & nsfw) Imagine working in a small and hidden patisserie. Enjoy! Go the fuck to sleep Is2g I Love you, candy cane. “I thought I was the cocky one in this relationship. “Do you want me to explain it again or are you just gonna stare at my amazing body some more?” he teases you, playfully. Send in a number and a character and one of us shall write a one shot based on it. Will do my best to answer requests timely. V: *BTS . i’m so happy to hear that! i’m wishing the same for you sweetheart! he sleepily came through the door from being out with the boys all day. Turning around you glared at Matt “He said it was pay back for not waking up on time” he added. ” He sits you on top of his lap. Ragnar was too direct to hide his crush on you in the first place. ‘Shut up, Alexander,’ you’d reply. I sat down next to y/c and wrapped myself Crush Imagine #46 I licked my lips and locked my car. What pissed me off wasn’t that she was crying, it was that she was literally the girl almost every guy in the school wanted to date and she wasted her time and energy on an asshole who clearly doesn’t give a fuck about her. but we follow each other on insta and he’s only liked one of my pictures (i just feel like it would be more if he liked me) and hasn’t tried to talk to me since summer began. You’re playing with your fingers and you didn’t even realize. How long was I sitting here for? reader x injured crush crush imagine crush imagines crush x reader fluff crush-boyfriend-imagines. Hope your enjoy and bear with me because I started writing these when I was 12 so a couple of them are bad but they do get better trust me. You pull the lever, as you’re sitting on his lap, and you kiss him once he comes up and your faces are close together. “You know what’s Prompt List I compiled some prompt lists I found to form a list of 76 kiss prompts. 4. " Okay, so basically I was just wondering if you could write me an imagine where you’re out with your crush who is also your bf at the park and you run into his ex who is super Sorry I haven’t been writing as much imagines recently, I’ve just been really busy with this thing that we had at school, plus I’ve got two mid-year exams for maths next week ! I haven’t had as much ideas for what to do with my imagines. When he’s suddenly flustered by your presence, you know he’s in You were lazily lounging on his lap, gazing at the television screen and gently falling asleep. your child calls him dad +twice *what dating jihyo would be like. “We actually already knew that” he laughed leaning back on his seat “Your manage told us before your came in” he added. Momoland Reaction To Foreign Fem!Idol Crush‘s Sexy Comeback . I have noticed there being a lack of detailed smut in imagines of all kinds though, “No one, not a celebrity crush and most certainly not some lame guy from . Everyone knows there’s someone who has eyes that sparkle and a smile that locks in your heart the second you meet. He constantly sought your attention; trying to boast about his travels, his knowledge, his strength and balance, and was known to even leap onto a table top to keep your eyes on him alone. A lovely . we have a lot in common and he also stared a lot & made flirty jokes. One drunken night your friend "She's just a bitch. “I guess I have a sweet for Micheal” you blushed staring down at your lap as one of the girls giggled. “Just didn’t think I’d have to tell her because she has a bloody crush on you. “I wasn’t really, exactly, 100% listening,” you admit, vaguely. Hey guys! Im on Christmas break right now so ill try to make as many videos as I can. His chest rumbled a little with  May 14, 2015 He pouted at you and then lifted up your feet before sitting down and laying them back into his lap. They just don’t know it’s you. y/n gives up and puts their daughter on her lap and they play/tickle. You squealed and grabbed her head, fisting her hair roughly, earning a moan from her and the vibrations were enough. ” crush imagines cute crush imagine cute cute crush imagines cute crush smut crush smut smutty fluff fluffy crush fluff love lovely kiss kissing kisses boy girl like friends drunk cutie cuties party fun young youth [Y/C/N: Your Crush Name] [request: can you do one where you are at your crushes house but you’re upset because you’ve fallen out with your friends and exams are stressing you out but your crush helps you to calm down and he tells you how much you mean to him and omg feels ] ————————————-You looked down at your lap Jealous. He has no idea what his gesture meant to me, but I am respect the fact that he stood up to his friends. -Ponyboy counted the sharp stings to his backside as his tears streaked down his face. Hey Reelettes and future Reelettes, This is my book of crush imagines. I hope #crush #crush imagines #crush imagine #love #one shot #love imagines #couple #cute couple #cute couple imagine #romance #advice #relationship #love image #one direction #one direction imagines #harry styles #niall horan #louis tomlinson #liam payne #zayn malik #5sos #5sos imagine #luke hemmings #michael clifford #ashton irwin #calum hood # Crush Imagine #37 I grabbed the blanket from my car and headed back towards the beach, where a group of friends and I were celebrating the last day of school. When he normally flirted with any woman, you would get embarrassment for him. “I know you are. crush imagines lap

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