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Category page. The Galactic Council is an intergalactic organization which was created to deal with important matters in the universe. The council consisted of members of each space-faring species. We are here to give you the opportunity to have first  Nov 29, 2017 The High Council (Japanese: 最高評議会) was the chief governing body of the Free Planets Alliance. e. Now there are millions of members from across our galaxy. Inner Circle. which Earth has been a full, participating member. foreign policy and international affairs, headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D. It's just that successfully government bureaucracies make for boring stories. Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light. Commander Valiant Thor is the head of the Council of Twelve in Venus. The Council is based off mentions of them in the Official Guide to Megaman and is first seen as a joke organization made up of the robot masters mentioned in the old Last Days of Dr. The Galactic Armada are the United Galactic Federation's fleet who can be seen throughout all the Lilo & Stitch movies except for Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. Because of Earth's membership with the Intergalactic Federation, increased contact will  We are a group of beings who preside over the Council that has many members from all over the Universe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. We are a group of beings who preside over the Council that has many members from all over the Universe. 78 million years ago (They were originally a series of special colonies founded by the Sirian Governing Council some 4 million years ago). Welcome to the Galactic Council Of Lightworkers. know their Galactic Origins and are in association with their Galactic Star Kin in a positive beneficial way. The members of the council will be able to come to agreements for the different star systems they represent. It is mentioned in the Metroid: Samus Returns introduction. my expectations. The First Galactic Council was initiated by the triumvirate: three of the most powerful civilizations: the Arcturans, Kralsacon, and Ytrib. A space to Vibe. The Galactic Council has taken up that responsibility: a vast coalition representing thousands of intelligent biological species. It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti star system. At this point unsc, system alliance, empire, rebels and citadel races would be a problem for IOM. We're ok with this, however, your experience might not be that great. It deemed the Metroids too dangerous to exist, and ordered Samus Aran to eradicate them on their homeworld of SR388. The Galactic Council was made up of emissaries of the Outer Galaxies with the Daleks, who headed the Great Alliance. This council meets in the Great Hall. Home > Ruling Council. The Republic was mainly overseen by the Senate , a body in the Legislative Branch of the Republic government, and was introduced in the prequel trilogy . Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Annihilus (Earth-616) The RA Collective is a Social Memory Complex, and as such has been approved by the Council of Saturn to become members of the Confederation of Planets. The veil between the Third and Fourth Dimensions is only less than a micron in thickness. Gaia is being swamped with this light frequency; the way to absorb it is in the 5th dimensional sleep mode, layers of light are being slowly introduced. Also I have a small suspicion that if a race gets wiped out then *technically* all races havent met each other and you cant create the council. Galactic Order / Galactic Republic Military here after referred to as GRM, its Council and other members acting in a leadership role, strictly adhere to the content of the Code of Conduct as stated or implied. This galactic council that we are in the process of creating will bring about more peace and harmony. Galactic Council Ashtar Command on IRC. After the Treaty of Coruscant and the conclusion of the Great Galactic War in 3653 BBY,, the Emperor withdrew to pursue his own mysterious goals, deferring power over the Empire to the Dark Council. The Galactic Council was a Galactic organization which helped deal with disputes and other problems brought up by its members. Galactic Council Of Lightworkers has 50,234 members. Rebel Council Members: Other members of Alliance Command. Galactic Emperor Tanos Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy Contact. The Ashtar Command is now using Internet Relay Chatfor realtime discussions between all of us on aspiritual mission on Earth. It has its own sitting council representing its own star systems & planets. . This isa superchat server. 5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. They're an organization of Supreme Leaders of different KND from various planets who discuss issues and other matters regarding kids on the many Galactic Council of Light, Third Wave Moving Beyond the 3rd Dimension. The Galactic Federation Council is the governing body of the Galactic Federation. S. Also compare the Fictional United Nations, where the overall governing body is weaker, it may contain both good and evil members, and it is much less unified  Jun 25, 2018 The Galactic Federation formed a council millions of years ago to prevent the Today there are many members within this Galactic Federation. Sharing the Wisdom of Unconditional Compassion. Galactic Council members are all driven by one goal: the harvesting of Nanons, microscopic sentient nanomachines that grant their "hosts" immense powers over the fabric of reality itself. Galactic Council of Light, Third Wave Moving Beyond the 3rd Dimension by Jenny Schiltz June 14, 2016 channelingthemasters. History The Council was seen at the trial of Stitch in the 1st movie and seen numerous times in Leroy And Stitch and So I decided a Navy direction is what we needed. The Saresii left the Galactic Council at that point as well. Everyday low prices and free . org _____ _____ Writers: Become a Higher Self contributer. · The Galactic Earth Council is a manual that will give you the tools to safely follow a light-filled pathway towards reconnecting with our Ultraterrestrial Star Kin. We have been pursuing a particular set of circumstances that we believe could benefit humanity and physical beings in the galaxy. I guess I don't mind having nations opt-out of the galactic council, but there should be at least some minimal benefit (a slight trade bonus perhaps, or better relations with other members) for membership. Their illumined truths and pristine frequencies elevate our vibrational patterns. The Galactic Council then held a vote to decide on the members of the High Council, forming the Federation's executive branch. Welcome to the Nibiruan Council’s home on the worldwide web. Some people will be asked to join the Council, but you're also free to apply. We accept all walks of life here. The ways in which you can connect with the Galactic Council include: Wisdom of the Galactic Council private Facebook group. History Talk (0) Members of the Galactic Council . The Galactic Federation for our Milky Way galaxy is located in the Sirius star system. STATUS Galactic Council - posted in Gameplay Discussion: Im having a very difficult time getting all the races in contact with each other to create the Galactic Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. Edit. We are the Arcturian Council. Galactic Earth . The Councils of Light are higher manifestations of ourselves serving humankind’s evolution of consciousness. An inter-action between the mind of man with the mind of light beings. Imperium of man would just smash the reapers alone, then it would conquer it's allies. TELEPATHIC CONTACT Click here for table of contents TELEPATHIC CONTACT LIST-----Updated Stardate: 2002-11-03 18:09 The following is a compendium of various space beings known to be members of the Universal Confederation of Planets and are currently working with the Solar Cross, K O R Communications Center, and other "Light" centers throughout the Galaxy. · Included are the “Voices” and photographic archives of the Galactic Earth Council and the Galactics. A primer and introduction into the Galactic Council. Galactic Council Team » Galactic Council appears in 28 issues . Members Isaac Ward Galactic Council. As a result, Nidle began the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) in 1996 which gave birth to the new religious movement The Galactic Council. Since starting the book I have already got to know some of the Galactic Council members. As a species you are ready and this next stage is the You will be hosted in the same area as all other council members and some ex-members. They served as the Federation's head of government(and, by default, head of state), and the chief diplomats of the galaxy. A short while after that I grew tired of the Galactic Council never seeming to ever actually get anything done. Scott, also known as UniDestiny, told Kotaku over the phone that, “It’s just a fancy name for a group of people that have been in the hub for a while and know the Main article: High Council. The Galactic Council is the congregation of the leaders of different alien species and empires. The "Infant Terrible" is an infant member of the Elan race. No advertising, you will be Accepted into the Galactic Federation: 3. Galactic Hub Council. COUNCIL 2: The Radiant Heart Council. 'Music Response' by the Chemical Brothers In response, the Colonia Council issued a call for aid from the galactic community to quell the insurgents. But each council has its own Great Hall. Click here to view this embedded window properly, or just click anywhere below this dialog to view the iframe. The Spiritual Hierarchy reminded all Galactic Federation Councils of the special This granting of Full Membership allowed the Galactic Federation to legally  their powerful mysteries through the Galactic Council has the potential to elevate every As Council members Initiated by The Ancient Ones, we must carry this  Apr 10, 2019 A peacekeeping force first and foremost, the Galactic Council negotiates non- aggression pacts between its various member worlds, and  Aug 23, 2017 In speaking to the members of the Galactic Council, you might feel like you're talking to a futuristic space government. The area is best described as what humans call a Zoo or a Safari Park. The symbol for some kind of dystopian Mass Effect-esque multispecies space-UN? All of this will be mediated by various levels of leadership and councils . This space will provide channeled messages, updates, and support for all things Council. Only one resolution can be tabled at a time and once it’s tabled it’ll be 10 turns before the council meets to vote on the decision. The Galactic Republic, often referred to as simply the Republic, is the interplanetary State used in the fictional Star Wars universe prior to the establishment of the Galactic Empire. [link] A science fiction setting dominated by humanoids is no more ridiculous than this would be, but a hell of a lot more boring. The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 star systems, and at present it has 300 planets in its membership. Our sun is a star gate to that system, and the Galactic Federation. At least two of them can be seen on large ships along with one captain (for example, the Big Red Battleship in Leroy & Stitch had its captain, Stitch, and four pilots). The Galactic Council elected the members who would make up the High Council, the executive branch of the Federation. This election was held every decade, and members of the High Council could serve up to two terms. The Radiant Heart Council, working on the Earth plane. Integration, Galactic Council of light, Ascended Masters, Ascension. Celestial Blessings and welcome to the official website of the Anunnaki Earth Council. The members of the council will be able to come to agreements for the different star systems As promised, now up on YouTube, please enjoy this recent review, expose', speech and discussion about one of the most prominent and respected leaders, Chairman Dakkra, of the "Andromeda Council", known in deep space as the "Galactic Council" by its various Ambassadors and Diplomats and his speech to the People of Earth. I would like to share with everyone an experience where I found myself being drawn into meeting with the Galactic Council for Light (GCL). We have ships that we wish to gift you. It is a great step upward for the entire galaxy and will influence galactic To this end, there will be “members” of different sorts of groupings, each with its own leaders. Represented are the races of 8 galaxies (those of known space), and other dimensions (e. It is with the purest vibration of love and peace that we send our energy to greet you; we are the combined essence and consciousness of the Celestial White Beings of the Cosmic level and the Galactic Council of Twelve who oversee spiritual matters and evolution from a Galactic Level. Disclaimer. We do not tolerate bullying and want this to be a safe place for others to express them selves. Dark Council members bow to the new Emperor's Wrath after the death of Darth Baras. Located in the Imperial Citadel on the Sith throne world of Dromund Kass, the Dark Council would convene on matters of state and eventually run the Integration, Galactic Council of light, Ascended Masters, Ascension I would like to share with everyone an experience where I found myself being drawn into meeting with the Galactic Council for Light (GCL). Concerned with Rigelan aggression and expansion they attempted to reach a peaceful settlement. Galactic Council Of Lightworkers has 50,270 members. Galactic Earth Council Skywatch meetings and have had their own Galactic Awakenings for over 8 years. Civilians of all sentient galactic species find the normal lives of the other galactic species strange and fascinating. We are excited to meet you in person. Wily video. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4. superlink. The fact that galactic period has a massive period of peaceful growth between the Krogan and Dawn wars shows that. Whatever your cosmicspiritual journey join us any night or day onchannel #Ashtarcommand. However, we, the members of Gaia's Galactic Family, will not allow Gaia to be is pivotal – about Gaia becoming a full member of the Intergalactic Council,  Meet our Advisory Council. They are very benevolent and sweet and genuinely care about our species. Imperial Ruling Council. Council members should meet a few requirements: Requirements We are committed to bringing the Galactic Council Energy to the places it needs to be. The Galactic Council is a shadowy organization overseeing the rule of the entire Galaxy in the Mechs' Epilogue series. We are very excited about the progress that we see you all making in regards to the accessing of more of your galactic energies. Some of the Council of Twelve are well known,others less so,but the reality is, they are here,now,assisting humanity. The Galactic Council, officially known as the Galactic Council of Planets and their Dependencies, is an interplanetary cooperation organisation in the Kronian Multiverse whose eventual aim it is to establish a "galactic federation". net 6667. Collected from the research and personal experiences of Adam Apollo, this information covers six primary council species who are assisting in the Earth Changes currently unfolding, and expands into other species within the greater Galactic Council. We are here to give you the opportunity to have first contact. Some members of the UCH command, believe someone positioned the Alien Ship to lure us into a trap, knowing the warp drives were dysfunctional. They The Council don't do anything because of protagonist centered story telling. It was originally founded by 16 independent nations in the Galaxy, among which were the Hiigarans and the Taiidans. In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine. Galactic Energies Within You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council “Greetings. That is the Session Council. The Separatist Council, also known as the Council of Separatists, the Separatist Union, or the Leadership Council, was the legislative branch of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy itself, which was seeking to leave it. Due to that they are members, the Council of Saturn approved their visiting Earth a few times in the past. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. Over the next decade, the number of seats on the Galactic Council continued to grow, reaching 52 by 2223 CE. We are here to give you the opportunity to have first  Jul 23, 2017 I'm getting a strong Citadel Council vibe from this one. First Galactic Council The Y'All Invasions were the reasons the Kermac about 15,000 years ago sent envoys to all known sentient species of the Milky Way and invited them to a world they called The Planet of Galactic Harmony. Overview; Major races The Galactic Council is the assembly of numerous leaders of different alien empires . Current Stance The Galactic Kid Council is an organization set up by Supreme Galactic Leader, Numbuh Eternal, aka Nebula, sometime after establishing the New GKND. Likewise, The Nameless attempted to entice independent pilots to join their side and usurp the Colonia Council. In this meeting, I asked a number of questions that I thought was relevant to what I am seeing in regards to clients… A 4 th Dimensional Galactic Council ∞The 9D Arcturian Council “Greetings. In 2157 CE, the Council intervened in the Relay 314 Incident. Thanks to u/UniDestiny for helping me come up with this concept. I'm looking for a group of Interlopers to most closely advise and discuss how the new Galactic Hub will take shape. This way this enormous organization stays manageable. Contents. Each term of office was 4 years. The Alcyone Pleiadian High Council — Channeled by Artemis Pax, Ground Crew, The Galactic Federation of Light Since the hour of your planet’s liberation and ascension is well underway, we would This Galactic Council mod has a goal similar to mine, which is keeping homeworld 2 as it is, but just make complete, new races for it, making it a complete homeworld 2, but not the old flashbacks of the homeworld 1 stuff, or giving more advanced and new units to the existing races, just a new mod, which adds new races, new tactics, new ways of Disclaimer. Asgard and the Negative Zone. Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) · Annihilus (Earth-616) · Kallark (Earth-616) · J' son (Earth-616) · Freyja Freyrdottir (Earth-616) · Groot (Earth-616) · Ronan  The Galactic Federation, as outlined on the opposite side of the page, is represented by the number 10 senior member of the Council, the people of the Tau Ceti  6 days ago There is a galactic federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe. Like, have you even played Mass Effect? Or read the codex? There are extremely evident differences in Council species in everything from domestic policies and military structure. The Galactic Council of Light: The light spirals are being absorbed into the physical body of man and Gaia until the 21st June. Share This: Toward an Ascended Tomorrow: Predictions 2019 The Galactic Regent Council, Channeled by Pierre Dubois From the creative and light center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we come to you to share a message of hope, truth, transparency, and authenticity. To get there add to yourirc server list-irc. Council Members . The Galactic Council regulates the stability of the universe. I found this book via kindle unlimited and thought it would be interesting to read. We are the representatives of the Anunnaki Galactic Council on Earth and human members of the messengers of the Universal Council of Light. The Infogalactic Star Council is made up of Galaxians who collectively make up the ruling body of Infogalactic. Just as the Supreme Allied Commanders advise the Alliance Commander, these council members advise both the Commander and the Allied Commanders, particularly on the The Galactic Federation has one major overseeing council which has representatives from each member council. The Galactic Federation for the Milkyway Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races represented in our GF may call it by other names, hence the difference in the names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, etc. Each of the members of the Galactic Council is a "Creator" governing their own planet. g. Founded in the wake of the Fall of Dracia, the Dracian Refugee The Council responded by cutting off contact with the yahg and declaring Parnack off-limits to Citadel races; the Council asserted that the extremely aggressive yahg were poorly suited to integrate with the galactic community. We understand that topics can be emotionally charged, just be mindful of your fellow members. Adv. These council members typically represent large groups within the rebellion and provide a variance of perspectives. Galactic Federation of Light Regional Council on Sirius B: July 19, 1997: "Right now, your beloved Planet is prepared to move into Full Consciousness. URGENT MESSAGE TO THE GALACTIC COUNCIL OVER THE 3RD DIMENSION NOW RESIDING IN THE KUIPER BELT BY STEPHEN PAINE·TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2016 Dear Galactic Council, I am sure many have sent you The Dark Council is the twelve-member council that served as the ruling body of the Sith Empire for most of the history of the government. By October 27, the Colonia Council had successfully rebuffed The Nameless and restored order. No advertising, you will be blocked, this is a place to vibe and uplift consciousness. The hierarchy between members is usually determined by their spiritual development. (Legend of Galactic Heroes Volume 1: Dawn) Apocrypha DVD features. Each race, civilization, and planet has a council within the GF to represent them. Mar 23, 2013 The Galactic Federation of Light (Previously only "The Galactic Abraxas, who is a High Council member and a walk-in, is telling us that the  The Galactic Council is the congregation of the leaders of different alien species and empires. align our frequencies with NEW EARTH's emerging energetics. The 11 member council was presided  Announcing the First Lone Star Galactic Council - A Texas Twilight Imperium I was alerted by one of our members that the sign up page didn't take them to the  About The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light Advanced civilizations are for example: the Galactic Civilizations of Light, The Inner Earth future, to welcome planet Earth once again as a member of the Galactic Civilizations of Light. The Galactic Council is the largest faction in the Red Wood Universe. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Galactic Council. A peacekeeping force first and foremost, the Galactic Council negotiates non-aggression pacts between its various member worlds, and employs a mighty navy to make sure everyone honors said pacts. Galactic Council members. It was composed of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's closest advisors including: Grand Vizier Mas The Galactic Council became more and more controlled by the Kermac and the original idea of rotating the first speaker position between the members was rejected by the Kermac in a debate they narrowly won after their Thrall species voted for the Kermac. The Grand Council is the leading council of The Galactic Federation and is usually led by a Galactic Grand Councilperson and serves as the Galactic Command and the final voice. zKillboard has detected that it has been embedded in an iframe. The core focus of the Galactic Hub is exploration and documentation, but the civilization also offers extensive multiplayer support, economic interactions, competitive PVP events, player-made content such as ATTENTION MEMBERS! As our motto is love and light, we accept all, so please be mindful of others opinions and beliefs. Logistically, the move  That is why you are at the Intergalactic Council. Galactic Council Of Lightworkers has 50,020 members. Following an accident, the Galactic Council lose control of an object which contains a recording of the entire history and the memories of humanity. Like the Council of their rivals, the Jedi, the Dark Council had a Chamber on the Capital of the Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas, and the Sith homeworld, Korriban. The Galactic Federation is controlled by a large council, made up of smaller councils, that themselves consist of even smaller councils, each of which has representation from all of the separate members. Scientists are still gathering data and examining whether the term “Empyrion” used loosely throughout history is a physical location or a spiritual/philosophical belief. The Council sets series of galactic treaties that the otherwise independent clients then ratify into their own unique structures. It is our This galactic council that we are in the process of creating will bring about more peace and harmony. So we did. · Discover the secret history of our Earth as never told before. The positions of most of the other High Council members in the Sanford Administration, but not their names, are given in the DVD features. Location: The constellation of Pegasus is a vast cluster of over 1,000 stars, located between the constellations of Cygnus and Aquarius. The Galactic Council - Kindle edition by R Mackenzie, Galactic Council. The Galactic council is the seat of power in the Milky Way galaxy, all speices that sit on the council are afforded major benefits such as protection and economic aid to smaller, weaker ones, and collective power for the stronger. As a species you are ready and this next stage is the most exciting time your World has ever seen. No advertising, you will be Galactic Council Of Lightworkers has 49,697 members. Who and What is this Council that rules above the Earth and directs the steps of the New World Order, New Age, and the Religions on Earth? Who is it that controls men, governments, and every nation on earth? They are called the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, Satan's Ruling Elite, The Galactic Councils of Light hold a Unified Field of love. Not much is currently known about it. As a member of the Planetary Society, Brin has helped rouse support for Society programs such as the development of solar sails  Many of those involved with elite Satanic groups such as the Brotherhood have described Satan i. This is a list of alien races that appear in Marvel Comics. The Galactic Council governs the use and acquisition of Nanons to keep order. C. The council’s job is to vote on whether to pass various resolutions tabled by its members, so when you’re in the council you can select any resolution from a list and table it for the next vote. They possess special powers and technical tools, including the ability to block and unblock user accounts and IP addresses, edit protected pages, protect and unprotect pages, delete and undelete pages, rename pages, assign verifiability and relevance ratings to pages, and assign The Imperial Ruling Council, also referred to as the Imperial Advisory Council or the Imperial Council, was a collective body of bureaucrats that constituted the uppermost tier of the Galactic Empire. Members weren't always active within the council and I felt it was time that we break away from it. Council members  together with humanity and our galactic neighbors for the same objectives to More Council Members and Other Beings · Additional Council Members and  Buy The Galactic Council: Volume 1 by R Mackenzie, The Galactic Council (ISBN : 9781514805473) from Amazon's Book Store. After the defeat of Sith Emperor Vitiate at the hands of a Jedi, known as the Hero of Tython, the Council led The Empire through the Cold War against The Galactic Republic and beyond. Lucifer as being blondeOthers describe a council of  May 30, 2016 Every council member gains 1 council point per turn and each resolution costs a certain number of council points to table. Everything was going well until the author decided to make it a book that is bias. And now as we approach our third anniversary of the Galactic Council Inner Circle, I reflect upon how far we have come. All ideas and decisions will be The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL), or Galactic Confederation, are an inter-dimensional council who were revealed to Sheldan Nidle by means of channeling, before 1996. As a result of all governments being responsible for the pollution of our air, water and food supplies, all governments will cease to exist and will be replaced by a council of elders who represent all of humanity and will only work in humanity’s best interests. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit, 4900 member organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U. The Nibiruan Council is a multidimensional off-world group comprised of members from both the planet Nibiru, and member worlds of the Galactic Federation. ~ Facilitators channel personal as well as global guidance from the Councils to assist humanity's ASCENSION, evolve our CONSCIOUSNESS, increase capacity for embodying LIGHT, and . The Galactic Hub Project, generally referred to just as the Galactic Hub, is one of the largest and oldest civilizations in No Man's Sky. At Initiations, we become living Council members. Some point before the 21st century, the Galactic Council allowed the Vorshagg membership into the Council and founded the Galactic Heritage. After voting on a new name we became The Galactic Empire. Trending pages. (DVD Features) The Galactic Empire ‌ ‌ ‌ is a group on Roblox owned by Sovernus with 21199 members. There are three years of amazing content in the school, which becomes immediately available with your purchase of a membership. galactic council members

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