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How to get best audio quality on youtube

Video bitrate of 8 Mbps is about 2x YouTube limit, so your video will get converted and lose quality. If audio is more important than video in your situation, the perfect situation is to use even a decent quality off-camera directional microphone plugged into a separate audio recording device. As a reason, we will review the best microphones for YouTube vlogging in 2019. R. Don't Miss: How to Stream Music from Tidal Without Using How can I get better sound from my PC? These are bigger and can provide better quality sound, but usually lack tone controls. PlayList Downloader provides free & unlimited access to listen to music online or download (MP3/MP4) Songs & music Videos & Playlists & Channel & Trendings from Youtube. Normally, we suggest you to choose 128k, because converting YouTube to MP3 320kbps is not really necessary. From codecs to bit rates, this in-depth look at the best way to encode your videos for YouTube can help you become a YouTube encoding expert. Here As usual, the answer's in the settings. Lossy audio files are compressed versions of tracks that have parts of the For many casual, non-DJing uses, a lower quality audio file is completely acceptable – when you're listening to YouTube videos on laptop speakers, you're  Jun 2, 2009 And in a follow up post, we'll explore ways to get the best sounding narration. Indeed, there is a great choice of websites and services for extracting the audio from YouTube videos. Note that this also appears How to Get Higher Audio Quality when Using Audacity. In my point of view, youtube only encodes the audios such as mp3 (128kbps), m4a (128kbps), vorbis (128kbps) & webm (50,70,160)abr. Unfortunately, the output audio files were poor. This comes ahead of a rumored revamp of Google's music services  Jul 27, 2018 software to produce quality audio & video show on YouTube. Chances are you’ve signed up to at least one streaming service—but are you making the most of the best-quality music on offer? A quick audit of your apps can boost both streaming and This is a technical post on how the YouTube player works, including the kinds of http requests it makes and how it streams video and audio. it's not. Get Video Sound Recorder is the best software to Record Audio on Windows versions. If the upload fails, your effort has been wasted. Best YouTube downloader to free download YouTube videos online in MP4, download YouTube MP3 audio song, or download music from YouTube. Improve your video voiceovers and content with crystal clear audio. In most cases, YouTube optimizes your video for online playback. Otherwise it falls back to best and results in downloading best available quality served as a single file. Can't be done. If you have a great personality and truly unique and amazing content, you could probably get away with using just a smartphone. But one of the social video site’s most popular types of content is music videos. Oct 10, 2017 As many of you might have experienced, finding quality background music for To access YouTube Audio Library, simply click on the link above, So it's no surprise that you can also find top-of-the-line background music for  Sep 26, 2012 Read on to find out the best practices and how to be ready for the future. Plan Premium Country Norway Device Self built PC. These controls can easily accommodate users in all situations. Here are some that I recommend for beginners: Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun microphone Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. At last but not least, don’t forget to check Use Maximum Render Quality before hitting Export. Some people will go for looks, size, or battery life, but for me it’s which iPod sounds the best – not just through the headphones but also into my stereo. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. The YouTube Center is best for listening the excellent quality of songs There are number of features in this add-on There is no option to stop the auto play feature, it automatically play the next video Regardless of how you’re recording your music, on an iPad or iPhone, you will want to try for the best possible audio quality. For me the number one criteria for buying an iPod is audio quality. or you can customize your playback parameters in youtube to But the best thing about this software is that it is not limited on YouTube audio. This is why you may notice that the quality of your video changes as you watch videos. How to get the best video quality available. Jabra Evolve 75 USB headset. Best YouTube Audio Extractor and Rip Audio MP3 AAC from YouTube Videos [How-to] Feel on edge about extracting audios from YouTube videos for listening and adding up to playlists? Calm down, here is an easy YouTube extractor that can rip audio from YouTube to be saved in MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, etc. A good mic is going to give you good audio quality. Container: MP4 No Edit Lists (or the video might not get processed correctly) moov atom at the fr But did you ever want to get audio from YouTube with excellent quality as there is a wealth of audio sources? Why I have to emphasize excellent quality? I have used many including some online tools that claimed they could capture audio from YouTube and preserve original quality. When it comes to music videos, YouTube is to the Internet what MTV once was to cable I received a note after this article posted from Colleen Henry, Video Hacker, Google Video Infrastructure, with some great suggestions to help you get the best video quality on YouTube: It's important to think of the files you upload to YouTube as golden masters, as they will be used as source material to generate video streams for years to come. They also automatically fix cover art and tags (aritst, title, album, genre, year, etc) which is pretty sweet. On the internet, the small, 320×240-pixel resolution of YouTube and the older codec the site uses make it somewhat forgiving in terms of video quality, but, no matter what the medium, poor sound is an instant giveaway of an amateur at work. Remember that recording engineers and amateur tapers alike have captured many magic moments using technology that, although considered state-of-the-art at the time, would not merit a second look from today’s audiophiles. Click the Advanced Settings, you can preset the audio parameters, like quality, codec, sample rate, bit rate, channel, etc. youtube-dl will automatically pick the best quality and most  Dec 11, 2015 However, the audio quality will be as good (or bad) as the original like bitrate ( divide the listed number by 1000 to get the bitrate in kbps). Quality would worsen if I scrolled down on the same page as the video or if I had another tab open where I was scrolling. If you want to send the best video quality to your contacts, you’ll need Skype for Windows desktop and the right hardware. Streaming formats used by SoundCloud, YouTube and other websites will be here for awhile, so it is important to understand how to make the best of these formats. Sony understands the importance of preserving the originality of music, which is why we’ve developed Hi-Res Audio products that allow audiophiles (like you) to listen to music in the best sound quality. For AAC, YouTube will play a maximum audio bitrate of around 126kbps. I use Videopad to do this. For starters, YouTube doesn’t play audio at 320kbps, even on the highest video resolution. Discover 4K YouTube to MP3 Drag and drop links to your favorite songs and get MP3 files to your computer, easy like that. Jun 20, 2018 But which of the streaming services offers the best sound quality? many people look to YouTube as a music streaming service that they have  youtube-dl -f bestaudio --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 I recommend use Pafy (Python), very easy to get audio link, and you can  Apr 19, 2017 Since YouTube is the top search engine for music in the world and since there's so many ways to monetize video , you need to have both your  "I have a music channel on YT that I upload j-peg files in combination with a WAV file Whilst I can hear a clear difference in the audio quality say between 360p  Nov 25, 2015 Make Them High-Quality Using These 4 Simple Tips. High-Resolution Audio can replicate the whole range of sound that the artist created when recording the content. Out of the many software you will come across Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the most lightweight and easy to use the software. Here's how to get the It will not necessarily download the best audio. Great article. And that's why buying a new stereo system (or even simply car audio speakers), is a common way to get better sound in your car. thatmp3. Transfer songs directly to your iPod, iPhone and iPad everywhere you go. In June 2007, YouTube added an option to watch videos in 3GP format on mobile phones. 263), with mono MP3 audio. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience More info Some videos can have a very low sound at high volume, for some it is  You don't have to take extra care of the quality of the audio does not have to be on your top-ten checklist. net by copy pasting url or you can just search and use it as you Question about audio quality on youtube Download the entire H. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device. Cool of Vimeo to update/post their best compression specs. Bitrate is not as important as other settings for common uploading. We are only able to convert the audio quality equal to the sound source of YouTube video or lower than it. We will see an increase in the number and intensity of colors displayed (color gamut), higher frame rate, high dynamic range (HDR) and broad availability of immersive, spatial or 3-D audio. I was hoping to get a little insight into making videos with better audio quality. FLAC is lossless so it will always be as good as the source material. You can use youtube-dl to see what streams are available for a given video. Sound quality is excellent and easily one of the best YouTube mics under $200. Below are some of the best cameras for YouTube based on a combination of price, quality, and popularity. Youtube never delivered videos using any such format. The High Definition for YouTube - 1920x1080 preset in PE has the following issues: Settings cannot be tuned. Bottom Line: Get a tripod and microphone. Based on what you've stated in the article here, If I'm going to do an interview portion of a production, a shotgun mic is the ticket, and as stated in another of your articles, a field recorder is the ticket for use as an ambient sound recorder. The audios are often relative in size to the video. Hearing the genius of A. Hope our advice will make some effect for you. Feb 27, 2018 In recent months, YouTube Music has been frequently updated on Android. Here are some factors that determine video quality: The speed of your Internet connection YouTube has become an increasingly powerful resource for listening to free, on-demand music. It lets to record audio from Spotify, Jango, or Grooveshark. These settings will be fine up to 800 Mbits aka 100 MBytes. 9. Operating System W8. The Cheapskate Best VPN Services Best Web Hosting Best Password Managers Audio Change the quality of YouTube videos on your phone, TV and laptop If you're watching the video, select a And in a follow up post, we’ll explore ways to get the best sounding narration. The second best option would be to use a microphone plugged into your camera. You can ensure a high-quality product by starting with a high-quality recording, reduce background noise I am using youtube-dl on Linux to download videos from YouTube and extract the audio. Keep in mind though that this option will extend the rendering time, but you will get the best possible quality out of your edit. . When buying or renting a camera for vlogging it is important to consider things like budget, portability, image and audio quality, recording time, and battery life. How to Get The Best Sound Quality From Your Laptop. bestvideo+bestaudio seems to choose only the best video and best audio of the options that are video only and audio only, then it merges the two together. You are simply making a 128k quality recording in a 320k file which will in fact degrades the quality even more. These two issues—along with poor speaker placement—can get in the way of you enjoying the sound. But before convert YouTube to MIDI, you need do some preparation. Get a Logitech C920. YouTube originally offered videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels using the Sorenson Spark codec (a variant of H. 03. The options of MP3 quality depends on the audio quality of YouTube video. As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube is a widely used channel to promote, entertain, and educate audiences. Youtube does have the capability to have some pretty decent audio quality(so long as the user selects 720p/1080p), better than soundcloud in fact, but it is not with a huge can of worms of issues i've run into. With over one billion users and more prime demographic reach than any major television network, YouTube is a distribution channel you don't want to miss out on. Find tips Search YouTube for “how to start a live stream youtube” and the top search After you have a YouTube channel, you download OBS, which is free. YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy video and music, thereby it’s a repository for human joy. Music fans regularly visit YouTube for most famous music videos that can always be found and saved from it for offline listening. Blue Yeti YouTube has billions of video clips including songs, comedy acts, movies, TV shows, tutorials, cooking recipes, sports and more. If you get any of these cameras, try to get a microphone and tripod along with it. It doesn’t come even close to 320kbps. The technology it uses is not the same with online recorders as it records straight from the sound card of your computer or microphone. As for the audio, choosing the AAC format and 320 bitrate will do the job just fine. r/audiophile is a forum for discussion of the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes. high quality youtube downloader free download - TubeMate, YouTube to MP3 High Quality Downloader, TubeMate 3, and many more programs In this post, we will show you top 5 best free YouTube to MIDI converters. On YouTube it’s essential to get great sounding audio. 1 My Question  This is just the trade you get: better audio for fewer The sound quality of this condenser microphone is good for both  Mar 21, 2017 Alternatively you can select the “Automatic” option and have Spotify decide for you Tap the menu button (top left), then Settings, then either Quality on mobile network, How to Turn YouTube Into the Ultimate Music Player  May 15, 2019 Fix audio quality when watching YouTube videos with this Firefox add-on. It will deliver excellent quality of sound very similar to what you expect in the studio (we’ve heard quite a few musicians use this for some vocals or acoustic recording). While properly adjusting your stereo's equalizer settings can greatly improve quality, the results won't likely blow your mind as much as a custom car audio system can. Best way to test is to have the files on your computer and run some  Dec 3, 2018 YouTube Music web app finally gets audio quality settings an AAC of the same bit rate as an MP3 will have a slightly larger file size, but that's  Oct 6, 2017 That's because the quality of the recording on the CD is significantly greater www. To get the best audio quality from a computer, go into the "Control Panel," double-click on the • audio·phile: a person with love for, affinity towards or obsession with high-quality playback of sound and music. 1. What’s a music fan to do? The answer, in this case, is simple: Maximize the For the best audio quality, from a lossless audio file you encode an AVI file set to PCM uncompressed sound, you also set the frame rate at 1/sec (for the sole purpose of audio listening, your video is a still image!) otherwise your file will be huge and very long to process. ^FLAC is the best audio format for performance and quality. Moderate standard. Part of the series: Computer Tech Tips. To give you the best viewing experience, YouTube adjusts the quality of your video stream based on your viewing conditions. All of the mic links go to Amazon, but you can purchase them anywhere. When you choose high quality our system extracts the best quality possible from the video or audio file. It also allows you to choose the quality you want. a CD ( and it is generally best to have the highest combination possible). Check out my top 10 best microphones. What is high-resolution audio and which streaming services offer it? The service offers "CD-quality audio", also known as high-fidelity sound, which refers to music files that haven't been Top tips for best audio quality A few months ago, we published a blog post on Skype call quality on mobile devices , and highlighted a list of the top-rated devices to use with Skype. The list we’ve compiled below includes only the best YouTube to MP3 converters, each with their own set of unique features, plus a few other ways to get audio out of a YouTube video that you might not have seen before. 99 per month, also includes YouTube Music Premium. This answer here, with the most votes, should be right to give you the best video quality available, but. Movavi Screen Recorder is a great YouTube video grabber option. The highest-bitrate Opus stream is probably the highest quality audio you can get from Youtube. Filed to these are the areas you should be thinking about if you’re seeking better quality audio from your It is not a secret that if you want to attract more viewers and provide high-quality videos in your YouTube channel, do not forget that audio quality is just as important as video quality. The five best free tools for downloading videos from YouTube quickly and easily. Today we’d like to dive a little deeper into what you can do to improve the audio quality of your Skype calls by using USB and Bluetooth accessories. 264 video at MAX quality, lucky best if you get 720p or "Original" which is AAC LC VBR 192kbs plus. The Apogee MiC Plus is another one of the best microphones for YouTube if you’re at or near a desk and a USB mic is what you’re after. Apr 29, 2015 All audio on YouTube is compressed (approximately to around 126 kbps AAC), which Long story short, the quality varies enormously. Is this all I need to do to get the best quality audio? As video quality, size, and codec is changed, the audio is also different that is used for that video data rate. David Nield. The best part? audio editor has this filter, and a quick search on YouTube will show  will get you an audio version ( -x , short for --extract-audio ) in or option). From full HD 1080p to which Youtube reserves 4 mbits at 2K 1440p there is an increase in bitrate up to 9mbits, which means that YOUTUBE assigns 2K a high bitrate and therefore higher quality, when you open a video on Youtube in the standard window, with standard size, choose 1440p instead of 1080p will bring a much better viewing ! The Playlist is back. youtube. The higher the quality the larger the file size. This multipurpose audio recorder can not only record music from any source, but also your own voice, because it works in parallel with your sound card. Recently I too began having distorted sound quality while watching YouTube videos. Did you know Vubey now supports over 400 different sites? Including SoundCloud! Highest Quality (320kbps) High Quality (256kbps) Good Quality (192kbps) Medium Quality (128kbps) Low Quality (64kbps) When recording audio dialogue a uni-directional mic is really best. MP3Fiber also lets you download MP3’s and videos from SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Facebook, VK, Vimeo, and Metacafe. It can sound fairly decent if the audio is given care during the encoding process, but most people are re-encoding low-bitrate MP3s which then get re-re-encoded to YouTube's file format. Sep 7, 2017 Improving Audio Quality - Panopto Presentation Recording Platform In order to get the best sound quality out of your microphone, you need  May 8, 2019 The second update will now let users hear the best quality sound possible Gowan adds that to get the most out of Netflix's new audio update,  Jun 19, 2019 Improve the audio recording on your projects with these seven audio Use the best-quality headphones you have for the truest results. But do keep in mind that YouTube has become an extremely competitive space, and as a beginner, it’s best to put some effort into the visual quality of your videos to ensure that you get views and gain subscribers. 1k float32 then encode to 320 kbps mp3 and Does making an "HD" video affect audio quality, compared to a As far as i know, HD quality will indeed give you the best audio quality on Youtube. Quality and formats. If you want to get the best resolution for your video call, putting down your cell phone and switching to a desktop version of Skype is definitely recommended. Third-party software is where you will get the best control over downloading online videos. YouTube uses two types of audio formats – AAC (wrapped in an MP4 container) or Opus in a WebM container. We also think all music everywhere should be free. Rules To get the best audio quality possible you simply need to select a source format of high quality. When it comes to microphones, you typically get what you pay for. A Playlist of High Quality Audio of A. This is my way of building a small music collection. Jun 2, 2015 A hi-def test for your ears (and your audio equipment): Listen to these songs and see if you can tell the difference between an MP3 and an . Bad sound lets your videos down! Make YouTube Videos sound great with these simple tips. room where you won't be disturbed, and you can listen on the best system you have. Hope this can help Youtube: How to get best audio quality Sometimes as just promotion, other times as actual releases. Rahman and H. Best Handbrake alternative to get best video quality . What's Switching to 720p HD ( or whatever the best video quality is for a given video) improves  If I stream a good quality music video on Youtube, what bitrate will the some audio files I've downloaded with youtube-dl have a frequency  Jun 21, 2018 Find out the streaming quality of YouTube Music. Since 2015, youtube-dl uses -f bestvideo+bestaudio/best as the default format. (MP4 video or MP3 audio) and a default download quality as high as 8K, even on the free version Best way to convert YouTube videos to WAV format. your giant corporation can also make headphone companies rich henceforth consolidating  Have been mastering to 44. Unbelievable but true you can extract MP3 audio from YouTube in only four clicks through this software. It is not the amazing hq sound quality of LP or CD, or even the 320kbps mp3. A higher bitrate in mp3 format was either unnecessary or would Sound is equally important for video producers. Audio bitrate of 128 Kbps is less than YouTube maximum of 192 Kbps, again losing quality. Learn how to get more YouTube views for free by using your social media profiles, YouTube’s platform and optimization features. Free, fast, easy! you'll easily get an uncompressed audio track with great bitrate and high sound quality Not all smartphones have the speaker quality or volume levels to make your stereo envious. It's actually pretty simple to use too. Biterate is highly dependent on video codec. Is there a way to get free music in our pocket without any illegal procedures but with persistent internet connection? One such method is to record freely an available audio directly from YouTube by using an audio-editing software. Related: Top 3 Free Online YouTube to MP3 Converter Tools Mono audio with AAC at 64 Kbit/sec (or 128 Kbit/sec for stereo) Recommended Sample Rate and; Best Encoding Quality. com does a pretty good job of converting to the highest quality available. YouTube: Compare how a song sounds at different bitrates. Mar 3, 2018 When I compare the sound from Google Play music, YouTube and there is Finally you have to configure the alsa to get the best audio output: Jan 12, 2013 Even more importantly, Vimeo is slowly but surely raising the quality ceiling in its encoding of your media Just add this to a youtube URL to have it load in 720p: . Best Microphones For YouTube Videos (With Top Creator Picks) 2019 Deciding what the best microphone for YouTube is will largely depend on the type or style of videos you are doing. The program offers an advanced output video profile parameters window, so that you can flexibly adjust the to view the high-quality videos, you can of course click the watch in high quality link that appears underneath the video window. Upcoming improvements to audio and video quality go beyond just more audio channels and more pixels. Audio For the best sound quality, does the format really matter? You can of course play high-resolution files on most computers, but to get the best sound I recommend purchasing an external YouTube sound quality is 192 kpbs AAC as far as I remember. Share But is vinyl best if you're trying to hear what your favourite band were playing when they laid down the track? Compact discs have far fewer limitations, Dr Smith said. In many cases, you will want more than one microphone so you that you can use the one that fits your situation best. The YouTube audio grabber is able to handle video in FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV etc. This wikiHow teaches you how to improve the audio quality of a song in Audacity. And last click at the bottom to convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac. Invest in a good quality microphone. If you want to get the best format for uploading to YouTube, you should know the video and audio Settings including file size, duration, deinterlacing, format, audio, codec, resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate and bitrate. Sridhar in all its true glory is something to treasure for all generations. This means It will try to download the bestaudio stream served as a single file (DASH) when available, but if it doesn't exist it will download the best audio-video stream and extract the audio from it. voice, go wild on YouTube or make your significant other an audio greeting card. Easy Ways To Make Your YouTube Videos Sound Great. What is TheYouMp3? TheYouMp3 is an online service, which allows you to convert your favorite videos from YouTube to mp3 in high quality. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts. It is lacking onboard gain control, so you’ll have to set the input volume on your computer. So dust off your copy of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, buy a High-Resolution Audio version of the song and get ready to rediscover this timeless classic in a whole new way. Also nobody likes a shaky camera. It's worse, because Youtube audio usually goes through 2-3 transcodes. If you're  Nov 20, 2017 Vinyl, streaming and CDs: Maybe it's not just about the audio quality. Tidal offers users control of the quality of their music, so depending on whether you're using Wi-Fi or cellular, you can adjust the quality of the audio (and video) that you receive. Below are recommended upload encoding settings for your videos on YouTube. Users on YouTube HD Verified networks should expect smooth playback most of the time when watching high-definition YouTube videos (720p and above). www. We will help you save youtube to mp3 from the best youtube mp3 converter, and enjoy it anywhere, anytime! Maximum MP3 quality we get from youtube audio these days is barely over 130kbps. your video streaming quality will suffer. The audio/video would even play at slower speeds. Movavi is a company with tons of multimedia programs including video editing, photo editing, and more! YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that will let you automatically play all YouTube videos in High Definition, turn off annotations, change video player size, auto stop videos, auto mute video sound, have high definition support for all other YouTube videos on external sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and much more. 10/24/16 8:43am. Actually, youtube-dl will do that by default, but you can explicitly set it with --audio-format best . Rahman. and rip audio music from 720p, 1080p, 4K UHD YouTube video at one stroke with zero sound quality loss thanks to High Quality Engine. The spin-off benefit to improving your sound on SoundCloud and YouTube, is that - in general - you will achieve better recordings and mixes, too! Sound is equally important for video producers. It only takes a few seconds for the YouTube MP3 extractor to get sound from a YouTube music video. If your ears are ever less than satisfied by the sound quality on YouTube, that could be due to excessively-compressed audio. No annoying and complicated settings to deal with, just a clean, friendly and functional interface. YouTube audio is 192kbps at best and mostly 128kbps or even lower, especially the older stuff. I received a note after this article posted from Colleen Henry, Video Hacker, Google Video Infrastructure, with some great suggestions to help you get the best video quality on YouTube: It's important to think of the files you upload to YouTube as golden masters, as they will be used as source material to generate video streams for years to come. best is also needed for videos that don't come from YouTube because they don't provide the audio and video in two different files. Get this best YouTube to MP3 converter Mac. Everyone wins because High-Resolution Audio takes up less space while still delivering high-quality audio. Anyways, I know that there is an option --audio-quality= with 0 being best and 9 being worst. So genuinely you can download it through genyoutube. If you want the best of both worlds, YouTube Premium, which offers ad-free access to the video-streaming service for $11. :) This time with a lot more surprises. Part 2: Best Video Settings for YouTube Uploading. There is a headphone jack with volume control as well as a mix control dial so you can blend computer audio with your voice. Recording a 128kbps mp3 at 320kbps does not make it better it simply creates a fake, a fraud 320k recording. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Windows/Mac is the best Handbrake alternatives, which can rip commmercial DVD disc and also convert digital video in virtually any file formats. In the Video Options Main Profile should be checked on and Best Quality (Multi-pass) is advised for best quality. You could probably get an increase in Feb 8, 2011 How To Get Better Sound on YouTube by the sound quality on YouTube, that could be due to excessively-compressed audio. How to Get the Best Audio Quality From Your Computer. This information was researched with the modern HTML5 player. YouTube has defined its recommendations on biterate value which you could get the best quality when converting a video according to its table below. com/watch?v=eN49E0cRGME what is high res audio and Before we get into high-resolution audio, let's start by discussing compression. Find the best speakers. Keep in mind (as others have mentioned), YouTube audio quality can be hit and miss. I switched to HTML5 on YouTube and the problem was immediately solved. how to get best audio quality on youtube

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